BOLT is a derivative of the LLVM OpenMP runtime. BOLT is distributed under a BSD-like license. If you download the source code, you need to built and install BOLT manually. Please refer to Getting and Building for details.

Install via Spack

BOLT can be easily installed via Spack. Spack will automatically install dependent software packages to build BOLT (e.g., CMake and Argobots).

$ spack install bolt
$ spack load bolt

Download Tarballs

Release 2.0 (based on LLVM OpenMP 11.0)

BOLT 2.0 (stable release) (Feb 6, 2021)

$ wget

Release 1.0.1 (based on LLVM OpenMP 10.0)

BOLT 1.0.1 (stable release) (Feb 6, 2021)

$ wget

Older Versions

Download the Latest Code (GitHub)

Source code repository of BOLT is on GitHub ( To clone the repository:

# Clone with HTTPS:
$ git clone
# Clone with SSH:
$ git clone